Welding torch amortisation calculator

We are often asked about the purchase costs of our MT series welding torches. At first glance, they may seem high compared to welding torches made by other manufacturers that appear to be cheaper.

But the first thing to remember, as with many other products, the rule is “buy cheap, buy twice”. Secondly, our MT series welding torches pay for themselves very quickly.

Using our MT451W water-cooled welding torch as an example, you can calculate the potential savings you could achieve by using this welding torch. Enter the specified values for the comparable torch in the right-hand column of the following table.

The amortisation period can be shortened or extended depending on your requirements. However, one thing is certain: our MT series torches will always deliver a big cost saving.

Positive values in the “savings” column show how much you will gain.

If you have any questions about our welding torches or this amortisation calculator, please send us a message.

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