Schaeffler diagram

A steel is referred to as "high-alloy" if it contains at least 5% alloying elements. Properties which characterise these steels are:

The combination and interaction of the alloying elements form different structures in the steel. These structures benefit certain properties of the steel.

Alloying elements fall basically into two groups.

Chrome and nickel are among the most important alloying elements here. All ferrite formers have a chromium equivalent and all austenite formers a nickel equivalent.

Our EWM Schaeffler program is a powerful tool to determine the right EWM welding consumable, depending on which parent metal and expected dilution you select or enter. You can see the expected structure after welding in the structure graph.

For best results, you should always select an EWM welding consumable which suits and/or is very close to your parent metal.

The program offers a selection recommendation. In the case of special requirements or steel properties, the program can only be of limited help and cannot replace the skilled advice of one of our employees.

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