Magnetisation, no thank you!

Deflected arc? Impure welding result?
Not with EWM! Magnetism in components significantly hampers and disturbs the welding process. Reason enough, then, to declare war against unwanted magnetic fields when welding!

Read all about how you can save costs and improve quality. Expert knowledge – concise and easy to understand.

  • Welding process without degaussing

    An unstable arc, uncontrolled arc blow, root and sidewall fusion errors, pores and slag inclusions are all tedious side effects of welding that lead to impure welding results.

    These unwanted side effects occur when the material is magnetised. They require a lot of post weld work or, as is often the case, re-welding of the seam – a loss of valuable working hours.

  • Welding process with degaussing

    The solution is degaussing. The Degauss 600 neutralises the component’s magnetic field. This means the arc is no longer deflected and precise, clean welding can be achieved once more. This reduces the amount of post weld work and thus saves time in the work process.

Degauss 600 –
Degaussing in the blink of an eye!

Wind, connect, press, wait – in just a few steps you can degauss magnetised components of various shapes and sizes. What’s more, the Degauss 600 is really easy to use.

  • Degaussing

    Best suited for all magnetised components no longer than ten metres. With just the push of a button, the component is automatically degaussed. Quick connection to the component is guaranteed thanks to the practical load cable set.

    Fields of application:
    • shorter, thin-walled magnetised components
  • Activgauss

    The Degauss 600 can generate an active opposing magnetic field when welding very long, thick-walled components. The practical remote control lets you set the current for generating a sufficiently-large opposing magnetic field and thereby controlling the degaussing process.

    Fields of application:
    • Very heavily magnetised, long and thick-walled components

Degauss 600

Arc deflection caused by magnetism is a thing of the past! The Degauss 600 lets you degauss magnetised components in the blink of an eye. The portable machine is extremely compact and robust, perfect for use on the construction site.

Degauss 600
Olaf explains

Olaf explains exactly how degaussing works with the Degauss 600 in this short, instructive video. Make welding fun again!

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