Arc deflection when welding pipes and metal plates?

Magnetism could be the cause.

EWM offers the solution for degaussing
pipes and metal plates.


Clean, interference-free welding – save costs, improve quality

  • Mobile: Quick and easy to use on any construction site
  • Effective: Immediately removes magnetism
  • Economical: A stable arc saves time and material
With the Degauss 600 and the Pico 350 cel puls pws dgs, EWM offers two portable, easy-to-use and effective solutions for degaussing on the construction site.
The result: A stable arc. Clean, safe and interference-free welding.

Why should you degauss?

Arc deflection caused by magnetism is a thing of the past.

(Residual) magnetism in steel components causes instability and deflection in the arc and can lead to pores and lack of fusion. The effect may be so great that welding is impossible. Magnetism is therefore undesirable when welding steel.

  • Without degaussing

    » Inadequate welding results mean considerable finishing work, loss of time and high additional costs

    MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA welding
    • Workpiece is magnetised

      » strong arc deflection

      Workpiece is magnetised
      MMA welding
      Workpiece is magnetised
      MIG/MAG welding
    • 40 min of work – without degaussing

    • What does magnetism in the workpiece cause?

      • Instability of the arc
      • Uneven droplet detachment
      • Heavy spatter formation
      • Uneven sidewall fusion
  • With degaussing

    » Reduce costs, conserve resources and increase quality through high-quality welding results, less finishing work and reduced material and gas consumption

    • Workpiece is degaussed

      » no arc deflection
      Workpiece was degaussed with the Degauss 600 or Pico 350 cel puls pws dgs

      Workpiece is degaussed
      MMA welding
      Workpiece is degaussed
      MIG/MAG welding
    • 20 min of time saving – with degaussing

    • Outstanding welding results

      • Stable arc
      • Even droplet detachment
      • Spatter-free
      • Good sidewall fusion
    MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA welding

Degaussing is easier as finishing work

Magnetism caused by the mechanic separation of components, filing in preparation for welding or due to grinding processes occurs particularly frequently. For high-quality welding results, we recommend degaussing after mechanical processing and before the actual welding process. Application is very easy thanks to automatic running of the degaussing program (Application 1).
With very long, thick-walled and hard-to-reach components which are heavily magnetised, the magnetic field may return after degaussing. This will lead to arc deflection during welding. In this case, we recommend the “activgauss” function. Here, an opposing active magnetic field is generated during the welding process (Application 2). *

*only with Degauss 600

Application options for Degauss 600 and Pico 350 cel puls pws dgs

  • Application 1: degaussing

    Degaussing prior to welding

    “Degaussing prior to welding” is especially suitable for pipes and metal plates with a length of up to about 10 m and a prevailing magnetic field strength of up to 20 mT.

    Fields of application
    • Shorter and thin-walled magnetised components
    Very easy to handle
    • One-knob operation – automatic degaussing
    • Quick connection to the component thanks to the practical load cable set
  • Application 2: activgauss

    Degaussing during welding with activgauss

    With very long and thick-walled components, Application 2, “Magnetising during welding”, is used (for example in crane construction and with kilometre-long pipe construction).

    Fields of application
    • Very heavily magnetised as well as long and thick-walled magnetised components
    Very easy to handle
    • Practical remote control for
    • setting current for generating a large enough opposing magnetic field and controlling degaussing (power on/off, change in polarity)
    • Quick connection to the workpiece thanks to the practical load cable set

Degaussing of pipes and metal plates

Degauss 600

The Degauss 600 is suitable both for degaussing before the welding process and degaussing during the welding process.

Degauss 600 set
Degaussing machine

Degauss 600

Degauss 600

The advantages are obvious

  • Compact and suitable for construction sites
  • Portable and robust
  • High mains voltage tolerances +/- 20%
  • 100% generator-compatible

Degaussing and welding with a single machine

Pico 350 cel puls pws dgs

Resistant against cold, heat, rain and dirt, incredibly robust for the toughest of applications and ideal for various operating sites thanks to its light weight:

  • 100% safe for vertical-down welding of cellulose electrodes
  • MAG welding with Pico drive 4L or Pico drive 200C wire feeder
  • Degaussing of pipes and metal plates before welding

Pico 350 cel puls pws dgs set

Pico 350 cel

Pico 350 cel puls pws dgs

The advantages are obvious

  • Built for the most extreme demands
  • Exceptionally long service life thanks to protective flap over control panel as standard
  • Automatic degaussing
  • Polarity can be reversed by pressing a button (pole reversing switch)

Satisfied with the EWM solution:
Terranets bw GmbH 

praxisreport terranets degauss
praxisreport terranets degauss