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innovative welding processes from EWM

As a technology leader, we have been involved in research and development for decades, making welding easier, more cost-effective and especially more reliable. In doing so, we examine and analyse the complex interplay of individual components and parameters, thus optimising the entire welding process.


forceArcpuls forceArc puls XQ

forceArc puls® is a MIG/MAG welding process with a heat-minimised pulsed arc. Easy to handle and suitable for welding non-, low- and high-alloy materials throughout the entire power range.
It is characterised by outstanding gap bridging, even in the high output range and enables controlled welding with an air gap that fluctuates by up to 4 mm.
forceArc puls® – for the best steel and stainless-steel welding of all time with unbelievable cost reductions!

forceArc puls


Faster welding speed
  • Symmetrical seam formation and the greatest possible seam thickness (throat thickness) on fillet welds.
  • Outstanding wetting
  • Deeper, more concentrated penetration with reliable root fusion
Virtually spatter-free
  • Finishing work minimised
  • Even for panels with scaling or very impure surfaces
  • Minimal stress for the welder while working
  • Fewer welding fumes
  • Pleasant, quiet arc sound
  • Easy to guide (excellent wetting)
Micrograph of throat thickness

Up to

total savings*

by reducing materials and energy consumption and shortening production times

Up to

lower heat input*

for less distortion, discolouration, and finishing work

Up to

greater throat thickness*

deep, concentrated penetrationwith reliable root fusion for symmetrical seam formation

*compared to pulsed arc


forceArc puls

Efficient and cost-effective welding

Welding of stainless steel

The forceArc puls welding process® has up to 15 % lower heat input in the upper power range compared to pulse. This results in less discolouration and less distortion in the component.

Other advantages:

  • Minimised energy per unit length
  • Reduces distortion, discolouration and tension
  • Less finishing work (straightening, sanding, cleaning)
  • Less melting loss of alloy elements, producing greater corrosion resistance
forceArc puls® when welding high-alloy (CrNi) steels, compared to forceArc® and pulsed arc Weld seam comparison

forceArc puls® forms a symmetrical fillet weld. This is the requirement for achieving the maximum throat thickness for a given deposition rate. Up to 20 % greater throat thickness possible compared to pulsed arc.

Comparison of throat thickness with forceArc puls®, forceArc®, and pulsed arc Comparison of throat thickness

Looking at things from a different perspective, this means welding speeds up to 20 % faster can be achieved compared to a pulsed arc process with an identical throat thickness.

Vs = 45 cm/min, a=4,8 mm
Welding stainless steel pulse
forceArc puls®
Vs = 60 cm/min, a=5.1 mm
Welding stainless steel forceArc puls
forceArc puls grinds comparison

Welding of steel

Your benefits:

  • Virtually spatter-free
  • Excellent seam appearance
  • Few undercuts, optimum wetting on edges
  • Insensitive to contaminated and scaled surfaces
  • Symmetric weld seam

forceArc forceArc XQ

forceArc ® Efficient and cost-effective welding
Heat-reduced, directionally stable and powerful arc with deep penetration for the higher performance range. Unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steels as well as high tensile fine-grained steels.

Deeper penetration for reduced throat thickness or cross-section

Deeper penetration for reduced throat thickness or cross-section

Fast stabilisation of changes in stickout length

Fast stabilisation of changes in stickout length

Particularly advantageous for very narrow gaps and fillet welds

Particularly advantageous for very narrow gaps and fillet welds


Welding with forceArc



  • Smaller included angle due to deep penetration and directionally stable arc
  • Fewer passes
  • Less distortion thanks to heat-reduced, concentrated arc
  • Excellent root and sidewall fusion
  • Perfect welding even with very long stick-outs
  • Reduced undercuts
  • Virtually spatter-free
  • Particularly advantageous for dynamic fillet welds, for example
  • Components under load, like weight-bearing parts of bridges
  • Wagon building and steel construction
  • Unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steels and high-tensile fine-grained steels
  • Manual and automated applications
  • Welded fillet welds exhibit deeper penetration
VComparison of forceArc standard spray arc

Butt welds with narrow preparation angles of 30° and 40°

fulfil the requirements of EN ISO 15614-1:2004

Low seam volume shortens welding time by 50 %

compared to the standard spray arc process

Fulfilment of the requirements of EN ISO 156141:2004

for fillet welds with mitred profile without undercut


Seam pattern deep penetration

forceArc / forceArc puls

  • Combination of forceArc puls, forceArc and coldArc
  • Root pass with coldArc, intermediate passes with forceArc and final passes with forceArc puls
  • Saves a welding pass with a smaller included angle
  • Perfect ignition and crater fill time with forceArc puls, welding with forceArc
  • Less material distortion due to reduced heat input
  • Lower intermediate pass temperature and minimised joint modification
  • Particularly advantageous e.g. when welding fine-grained steels
  • Angular shrinkage reduced in fillet welds
Schweißverfahren coldArc, forceArc und forceArc puls

Sheet metal: S 235; 20 mm
Gas: M21 - ArC - 18
Wire: 1.2 mm G4Si1
Runs: 4
Position: PC
Preparation angle: 10°
Welded on one side, without backing bar

Combination of coldArc, forceArc, and forceArc puls

Efficient and cost-effective welding

  • Overall cost savings of up to 60 %
  • Minimal seam preparation
  • Fewer passes
  • Less welding consumables and shielding gas consumption
  • Faster welding time
  • Particularly advantageous with dynamically loaded components
Efficient and cost-effective welding

Sheet metal: S 355; 30 mm
Gas: M21 - ArC - 18
Wire: 1.2 mm G4Si1
Runs: 11
Position: PB / PA
Preparation angle: 25°

Welded on one side, without weld pool backing with forceArc

rootarc / rootarc puls rootArc XQ / rootArc puls XQ

The arc with optimum control of the weld pool

rootArc / rootArc puls


Short arc with perfect weld modelling capabilities for effortless gap bridging and positional welding.

rootArc puls:

The perfect enhancement for focused heat input for the higher performance range.
  • Optimum reduction of spatter compared to standard short arc
  • Perfect for sheet metal from 1 mm and greater
  • Optimal for repair and maintenance
  • Reduced-energy short arc
  • rootArc puls for welding around transitional areas and for initial and final passes
  • Excellent, heat-reduced welding in vertical-up positions (PF) through rootArc - superPuls
  • Superb root formation and secure sidewall fusion
  • Vertical-up welds without weaving
  • Un-alloyed and low-alloy steels
  • Manual and automated applications
Vertical-down weld front view
Vertical-down weld front view
Vertical-down weld rear view
Vertical-down weld rear view

Effortless gap bridging in the vertical-down weld

  • Stable, firm vertical-down weld without any inclusions of the molten metal
  • Very good gap bridging
  • Heat-reduced, low-spatter arc
  • Superb root formation and secure sidewall fusion
Effortless gap bridging Effortless gap bridging

rootArc / rootArc puls

  • Heat input, if necessary, with rootArc puls
  • Root welding with rootArc: Effortless controlling of the weld pool
  • Pass build-up and final passes with rootArc puls
  • Performance enhancement for thick metal sheets with rootArc puls
  • Switch between rootArc and rootArc puls by pressing the torch trigger for secure overlaying of tack points
  • Effortless mastery of the weld pool by changing between rootArc and rootArc puls when superPuls switched on
  • Quick and easy welding of vertical-up welds by changing between rootArc and rootArc puls when superPuls switched on

Vertical-up welds in the PF position

  • Excellent welding in vertical-up weld positions (PF) with rootArc superPuls
  • Secure formation of the root base
  • Weaving no longer required
  • Smooth bead ripples result in aesthetically pleasing weld seams

Your benefits

  • Reliable short arc welding in all positions
  • Ideally suited for vertical-up welds (PF) without using the laborious "Christmas tree technique"
  • Quick and reliable root welding in TIG quality
  • Effortless welding of vertical-up/down welds and overhead welds
  • Ideal for CO2 and mixed gas
  • Reduced-energy short arc for effortless mastery of gaps
  • Low-spatter, digitally-controlled material transfer
  • Perfect for sheet metal from 1 mm and greater
  • Excellent for butt welds and lap welds
Vertical-up weld with PF
Vertical-up weld with PF

wiredArc wiredArc/wiredArc puls

Welding with constant penetration

wiredArc/wiredArc puls

wiredArc/wiredArc puls

Welding with constant penetration

With EWM wiredArc, the penetration remains consistent when the stick-out is changed. The innovative control adjusts the wire feed speed and keeps the welding current and voltage consistent for an even heat input.

  • Constant welding current thanks to digital process control
  • The energy per unit length and heat input remain virtually consistent despite changes to the stick-out
  • Consistently high penetration depth, independent of change to the stick-out
  • Ability to reduce the seam's included angle and therefore the weld seam volume


wiredArc / wiredArc puls

Welding with constant penetration

Positionweld Positionweld

Easy, safe positional welding


Combined process variant for the welding of unalloyed to high-alloyed steel and aluminium alloys for positional welding

  • Straightforward handling
  • Reliable root fusion
  • The “Christmas tree" technique is no longer required for vertical-up welding
Vertical-up Positionweld


YouTube video
EWM welding process: Positionweld

coldArc / coldArc puls coldArc / coldArc puls

Perfect welding and brazing

coldArc / coldArc puls


Heat-reduced, low-spatter short arc for high dimensional stability welding and brazing, plus root welding with excellent gap bridging capabilities.

coldArc puls:

The optimum enhancement for the higher power range, with focused heat input exactly where the heat is required.
  • Less distortion and reduced discolouration thanks to minimised heat input
  • Considerably reduced spatter thanks to virtually power-free material transfer
  • Impressive process stability even with long hose packages without additional sensor leads
  • Commercial torch systems, as the material is transferred without drive in the torch, causing no wear and tear
  • Easy welding of root passes in all panel thicknesses and in all positions
  • Perfect gap bridging even with inconsistent gap widths
  • Excellent wetting of surfaces when brazing thin metal sheets
  • Minimal finishing work, ideal for visible seams thanks to low-spatter process
  • Unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steels and also dissimilar joints of even the thinnest metal sheets
  • Brazing of CrNi sheets with CuAI8/AIBz8
  • Brazing and welding of coated metal sheets, e.g. CuSi, AlSi and Zn
  • Root welding of non-alloyed and low-alloy steels and high-tensile fine-grained steels
  • Visible CrNi seams within the thin metal sheet range
coldArc Schweißnaht

Minimised heat input

Ideal for butt welds, overlap welds, and edge welds through effective use of positional welding

Up to

less spatter

for less discolouration and scaling by minimising the heat-affected zone


coldArc seam pattern

coldArc / coldArc puls

  • Heat, where heat is needed, with coldArc puls
  • Root welding with coldArc: full control of droplet transfer, minimised risk of lack of fusion
  • Pass build-up and final passes with coldArc puls
  • Performance enhancement for thick metal sheets with coldArc puls
  • Perfect welding with transitional areas with coldArc puls
  • Press torch trigger to switch between coldArc and coldArc puls for secure overlaying of tack points.
  • Turn on superPuls to switch between coldArc and coldArc puls automatically for straightforward modelling of the molten metal.
  • When superPuls is turned on, the machine switches automatically between coldArc and coldArc puls for outstanding and straightforward welding in the vertical up position, without using the "Christmas tree technique".
Vertical-up weld with PF
UVertical-up weld with PF

Unique gap bridging for root passes

  • coldArc delivers perfect gap bridging, even with alternating gap widths
  • No sagging of the molten metal
  • Secure sidewall fusion even with misaligned edges
  • Total elimination of "wire stab"
  • Root passes for all material thicknesses in all positions
  • Pass build-up and final passes with coldArc puls
Perfect gap bridging Perfect gap bridging
Reliable sidewall fusionReliable sidewall fusion

pipeSolution pipeSolution

Powerful arc for rapid, secure welding with and without gap in all positions.

Root welding on pipes


Absolutely reliable root welding

  • For any panel thickness
  • Can be used in any position for sheet metals and pipes
  • No sagging or fall-back of the molten metal
  • Excellent root formation
  • Extremely reliable sidewall fusion
  • Easy to use for positional welding
  • Reliable root passes even without air gap

pipeSolution + pulse

Combined in a single machine

  • Root welding with pipeSolution: stable basis for fill and final passes
  • Passes built up with pulse: reliable sidewall fusion in any position
  • High degree of weld seam reliability and excellent quality
  • Cost-effective alternative to TIG welding
pipeSolution - alpha Q 551 application diagram

Low-spatter MAG welding – optimum energy and resource efficiency

  • Inverter technology reduces energy consumption
  • Wage costs reduced thanks to higher welding speed
  • Welding pool backing no longer necessary

pipeTruck - practical orbital solution for automatic welding

  • Tremendous potential for cost reductions
  • Outstanding, reproducible quality
  • High deposition rate
  • Long arc burning times
  • Maximum ease-of-operation
  • Short set-up times
  • For root, fill and final passes, with or without air gap