Rent, lease, or finance welding machines

Machine group

In addition to direct purchases of welding machines, we also offer the option of renting or leasing one or more machines.

Rent EWM welding machines

  • Cover short-term production bottlenecks with the latest EWM technology.
  • Terms and rent are adjusted to individual needs
  • At the end of the contract, return the machine without surcharges or apply previous rental payments towards the purchase of the machine.
  • Tax advantages: Rental payments are deductible as operating expenses.

Lease EWM welding machines

  • Transparent, uniform rates facilitate reliable planning
  • Individualised determination of leasing rates, durations and closing charges
  • Pay-as-you-earn: The leasing rates are incurred parallel to the use of the machine and can therefore be financed from the profits.
  • This allows you to make a large investment without committing a large amount of capital.
  • Tax advantages: Leasing charges are likewise deductible as operating expenses.

Are you interested in a welding machine and would like to receive a price quotation? We are available to help at any time and will be happy to work with you to create a rental or leasing contract adapted to your requirements.

Then give us a call at +49 26 80 / 181 - 0, send an email to, or call the EWM partner in your area.