Welding consumables

Achieving optimum welding results requires more than just a welding machine and torch. We at EWM view ourselves as a system supplier and therefore off er you a host of welding consumables for every welding task. With solid and cored wire electrodes, stick electrodes and welding rods, we cover everything that a welder needs to do his work. All welding consumables are optimally coordinated with the EWM welding machines, and therefore contribute to achieving a perfect welding result.

Perfect quality is matter of course as far as we are concerned: the welding consumables are manufactured according to defined specifications and are subject to stringent quality assurance. Each individual batch is thoroughly analysed and examined in detail in sample weldings.

Certified quality for limitless scope: from solid and flux cored wire electrodes through to SAW.
Thanks to our extensive quality assurance with regular analyses and sample welds, we guarantee optimum process reliability – from spooling monitoring, covering quality, and lubrication quantities through to metallurgical properties and unwinding characteristics, even over long distances.

The extensive selection of widely different alloys and their ready availability guarantee maximum flexibility for you.
Our welding and oxyacetylene welding rods impress with optimum processability and top-quality results during maintenance, repair and joint welding.

EWM stick electrodes are eminently suitable for all areas of use such as piping and container construction, building site welding, workshop welding tasks, and application of wear-resistant layers. You are thus well equipped for challenging tasks. We have the ideal product for you in our range, whether you require cellulose electrodes for vertical down welding, or basic or rutile electrodes for high impact work-values.