Welding accessories

In addition to powerful machines, the EWM product line also includes high-value welding wire and other welding accessories. As a result, we can offer you an extensive range of accessories, from cutting and oxy-acetylene technology to workshop components and protective and safety equipment.

Workshop equipment

Comfortable welding with the right equipment
No detail is too small when it comes to optimising your welding process. Electrode holders, ground clamps, welding tools, heating machines, welding tables, and more.
Unsuitable tools are almost bound to lead to inferior results, less durability and to a greater risk of injury while welding. When you choose high-value welding accessories from EWM, you can be sure of receiving uncompromising quality.

Stay safe with the right equipment.
You’ll find everything you need for your own protection or that of your employees – from special welding clothing like welding helmets, jackets, pants, and gloves to traditional work wear and everyday clothing.
EWM’s protective equipment and safety portfolio also includes several welding safety curtains and numerous products for fume extraction and heat shielding.

Protective equipment and safety
Plasma cutting

Professional cutting with matched solutions.
We offer plasma cutting for manual and mechanical cutting. The right cutting machine for any application, with extensive accessories, even for thick sheets.

Everything for oxy-fuel welding and oxyacetylene cutting. Our product line of oxyacetylene machines includes cutting nozzles, flame cutting nozzles, pressure regulators, explosion protection, complete welding and cutting systems, and extensive accessories.
Oxy-acetylene equipment