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Task description

Welding process
Mechanisation component
Parent metal A       
Material thickness
Main group
add. sub-category
Material number
Commercial name
Parent metal B  
Material thickness
Main categrory
Sub-category add. sub-category
Material number
Commercial name
Welding consumables
Main category
Classification EN    ewm
Diameter mm
Gas   (nach ISO 14175:2008) Quantity
Shielding gas l/min
Plasma gas l/min
Forming gas l/min
Other l/min
Type of seam

Weld preparation

Weld seam geometry

Drawings' description

Angle specifications not required
can be deleted.
Weld build-up

Execution of the weld
bs = welded on both sides
gb = backing gas
gg = gouging or grinding
mb = with backing bar
nb = without backing bar
ng = without gouging or grinding
ss = welded on one side
ph = preheating
ch = controlled heat input
Welding parameters   
No. Pass Pos. Other
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