Automated welding


Welding machines & accessories
Use cutting-edge welding technology in an automated system and gain even greater financial advantages with the innovative processes that only come with EWM’s welding machines. Combined with the comprehensive, optimally matched accessories, you will obtain perfect, high-quality results at a low cost when carrying out automated welding.




Efficient and high-performance: innovative welding technology

For EWM, automated welding is an integral technology with a complete production system: All components are consistently and precisely geared towards consistently achieving maximum reproducible join quality, conserving resources and reducing workload to an optimum extent. The advantages for you as our customers are obvious: You have a single contact partner thanks to the complete product portfolio comprising a power source, wire feeder, welding torch and accessories. When automated, joining processes are completed much more quickly while maintaining the same quality standard. That is precisely what we aim for: increasing your productivity and, consequently, your competitiveness.


Best combination options with EWM’s automation solutions
Welding machines for MIG/MAG, SAW, TIG and plasma with innovative welding processes:

  • / MIG/MAG: Pulse/forceArc/puls, coldArc/puls and rootArc/puls, wiredArc/puls, Positionweld, acArc/puls
  • / TIG/Plasma: activArc, forceTig, tigSpeed

Comprehensive and coordinated accessories:

  • / Wire feeders with intermediate hose packages
  • / Robots and automated welding torches
  • / Interfaces, quality management software
  • / Cooling units, transport systems

You will find product information of our system components in our automation catalogue:

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