EWM Innovation Day UK
EWM Innovation Day UK
Thursday, 05 January 2017 11:27

On the 21 July 2016 EWM Hightec Welding UK Ltd opened their doors to sales partners and end users during their 'EWM Innovation Day'.

The event was well attended where both existing and new customers were able to see new technology and processes from EWM AG.

EWM UK team together with visitors

After initial introductions from Alan Cauchi, Managing Director at EWM Hightec Welding UK Ltd, the first presentation 'Economic benefits through the use of the newly developed forceArc puls process for welding different materials' was given by Johannes Wirth, Head of Training/Process Engineering at EWM AG.

The event continued in the afternoon with a practical session with live welding demonstrations offering participants a chance to find out at first hand about the highlights and commercial benefits of the newly developed welding process forceArc puls.

Practical demonstrations of EWM processes

With great enthusiasm, some of the participants accepted the offer to give the innovative new forceArc puls process a try-out and see how it performed in practice. Follow-up discussions then focused on the advantages and opportunities afforded by the new technology for the participants in their own particular areas of work.

We continued with a further presentation by Johannes; 'State-of-the-art welding solutions in pipeline construction (coldArc, pipeSolution, tigSpeed, degauss)'. More opportunities for our customers to try our innovations for themselves, was followed by a debrief, at which participants were able to round off the day's events with an enjoyable interchange on a variety of technical subjects.

Customers take the opportunity for hands-on experience of EWM innovations

The evening session was run in conjunction with the Northumbria branch of 'The Welding and Joining Society' of TWI, where members were able to experience EWM innovations in the presence of some of our experts.

We would like to thank all the visitors and guest speakers for their part in the success of this event.

Further interesting events are coming up in the near future.

Additional information is available by contacting EWM Hightec Welding UK Ltd or here.

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EWM Innovation Day UK

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